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Drug Problem Grows Worse in Martinsville, Henry County

February 2018


Consumers, Employers, Providers, Researchers, Population Health, Medicaid


Utilization, Quality, Health, Pharmacy, Commercial, Medicaid


Debbie Condrey

A recent study observing the West Piedmont Health District of Virginia found that over a short five month period, this area experienced the third worst rate of emergency department visits in the state for unintentional overdoses by opioids or other unspecified substances. The study conducted by the Virginia Health Department found that from September 2017 to January 2018, West Piedmont had an average of 15.3 emergency room visits for unintentional overdose and 106 total ER visits that were overdose related. Local health agencies such as SOVAH Health are looking to combat the rising opioid crisis. By reducing the number of opioids prescribed, providing community education, and other outreach activities, the communities in West Piedmont are working together to help solve these issues.